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Covid-19 Project 2020

My way of processing the world is through paint and Covid-19 has been no different. At the beginning of March 2020 I began painting this Sketchbook with the aim of exhibiting it. Ultimately the exhibition fell threw but I still really enjoy how it came together, painting images that I saw on the news in a dream like painting style. During the period, I did not feel awake, almost as though I was walking through life in a dream. Painting this imagery helped me come to the realisation that this was reality now, and that I needed to prosses the world around me.

Some of this imagery is very raw and hard to look at, but I wanted to be honest and not just paint a pretty rainbow.

Sadly this Exhibition was based in a A5 Sketchbook so there is a crease in the middle of the artwork. And as this project was meant to be exhibited out with my hands I sent this sketchbook off without taking good photos so this is the sections of the sketchbook that I did take photos of.

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