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Menopause Project 2020 - 2021

My second project within my BA Art and Design course was based on the menopause, and how unspoken women struggles are. My aim was to create a painted outcome that relates both my research into the menopause, as well as showcasing the beauty of a female’s body being our vessels in life carrying us to our destiny.

I really enjoyed this project as a whole initially carrying out research using websites available to me online such as the NHS. This led me to carrying out my own independent research conducting a survey that I posted online, which women from all around the world filled out. Within this I gathered lots of women’s stories whether they had a good experience during menopause or struggled. This research led me to the conclusion of which I displayed within the final artwork.

Within the final artwork I also added in the women’s stories from the survey, and it was this act that connected all the women to the artwork. I thoroughly enjoy adding this personal tone to the artwork making it mean that bit more to the women that participated within the survey. This is something that can be seen within multiple past projects of mine.

Thank you Mum for being my model within this project. I'm so thankful that I did this project with you!!

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