Where it all began!!

I would say my artistic journey began as soon as I could pick up a paintbrush, with my parents allowing me to craw around in paint as soon as I could move. It was not in till my early teens that I began to find sanctuary within art drawing and painting to get away from the outside world. It was at this point that I started to draw/paint emotions and events within my life, documenting life as it unfolded.

In my mid-teens I discovered surrealism and begun documenting my life in a more visually interesting and abstract way. Within this time of my life, I was about to make a huge decision of whether I should stay in Aberdeen or move. It was this decision that I am battling with within my paintings, feeling as though I am a child but having to make these big ‘Adult’ decisions. I often turned to art to help me work through life events, and it was this decision that made me realize I needed to just go for it.

Once I moved down to Stirling, I went from painting every day for minimum 4 hours to painting only within my study hours for my course. To this day I cannot tell you why I moved away from the one thing that I had found sanctuary in. This swiftly changed when lock-down began which jump started me into painting and drawing every day again. I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t find my love for painting again.

My aim for the future asides from continue to create and paint my heart out is to document my art. This is something that I has struggled to do before now and feel as though I have lost pieces of art during this time.

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